Mike Tope

Mike Tope is trained and certified as a CEA (Certified Equipment Appraiser) through the Association of Machinery & Equipment Appraiser (AMEA), a large network of machinery and equipment appraisers. This gives him the most up to date appraisal information available to accurately value your machinery and equipment. All members of the AMEA must comply with the ethics rule of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and observe the highest standards of professional ethics. Each appraisal you request utilizes USPAP. USPAP was adopted by Congress and is accepted around the world as the authoritative source for machinery, equipment and business appraisals.

About Mike

At age 14 Mike started working for his father's heavy equipment rental facility after school and on the weekends. He became fascinated with the machinery and appraisals after attending the first surplus auction of Alyeska Pipeline held in Fairbanks in 1977.

Mike befriended all the employees and they spent a great deal of time with him explaining the machinery's functions and capabilities. He worked with his father until his father's retirement and sale of the business.

Mike then went to work for John Deere as general manager. His duties included appraising and evaluating the value of used machinery, equipment, support equipment and entire manufacturing plants for resale, liquidation and loan valuation.
In 1998 he opened Alaska Equipment Appraisers, appraising all types of machinery, industrial equipment and support equipment as well as brokering heavy equipment.

Mike Tope has been awarded the CEA (Certified Equipment Appraiser) designation partnering with the AMEA enabling Mike to offer clients machinery and equipment appraisal services.

Appraisal reports submitted by a Certified Equipment Appraiser(CEA) are USPAP compliant and will withstand scrutiny by the IRS, courts, lenders and others.